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Alarm Systems

Our skilled security technicians install both wireless and hardwired alarm systems for residential and commercial properties.

We design all of our systems to suit our client’s needs, whether it be your family home or rental property right up to high level access control systems for a commercial buildings.

Not everyone needs a new alarm system so we also repair and service any existing alarm to ensure your system is always working at its best.

We work with major alarm systems such as Paradox, Arrowhead, Concept, DSC, Protégé, Bosch, Tecom and Inner Range.

All newly installed alarms come with user manuals and a comprehensive full warranty.

Our Alarm Monitoring services are simple - no annoying contracts, just the specialised support you need, for as long as you need it!

Alarm monitoring serves as a valuable crime prevention deterrent and many insurance companies urge customers to have their premises monitored around-the-clock to ensure peace of mind.

We even provide you with our FREE app which provides all of your alarm details & history at a click of a button.
Depending on your system, you can even control your alarm when not at home straight from the app itself. Get in touch today to see how we can help save you in the long run!

How our Alarm Monitoring service works:

Because we’re on call 24/7-365, we'll know the instant an alarm is set off. Your alarm system will send us the location and details of the activation, and we'll get ready to respond accordingly.

In case of activation, we’ll follow the instructions you provided - whether that's contacting you, dispatching a guard to the premises, or notifying the relevant emergency services for Panic, Fire and Ambulance, providing you total peace of mind when it matters most.

We can tailor our service to suit all of your needs while making it simple and easy to use and providing you a total end to end solution. From basic alarm monitoring to full service for commercial sites to video verification, we can help.


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