Business Profile: Trademark & Patent Attorneys

Looking for help with patents or trademarks in New Zealand?

Origin is a team of experienced patent attorneys with offices in Auckland and Hamilton, New Zealand, covering various patent specialties. They stress the importance of an Intellectual Property (IP) strategy to enhance innovation value.

With a strong track record, they work closely with clients, providing timely and cost-effective results. Origin has successfully assisted Kiwi innovators in diverse industries, including manufacturers, exporters, universities, commercialisation businesses, and law firms seeking specialised IP support.



Level 10, Jarden House

21 Queen Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

+64 9 927 8864 | F +64 9 927 4999


Core Facilities Building, Waikato Innovation Park

1 Melody Lane, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand

+64 7 808 0264 | F +64 9 927 4999

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