Weatherproof and High-Res: Security Cameras for Hamilton Safety

At OnGuard Security, your premier security partner, we provide cutting-edge outdoor security cameras in Hamilton. Meticulously crafted to serve as the pinnacle of surveillance solutions, these state-of-the-art devices stand as a testament to our commitment to ensuring the safety of properties in the Hamilton and Waikato areas.

Our outdoor security cameras have been engineered with precision to endure the unique challenges posed by local weather conditions, providing a resilient shield for your property. 

OnGuard Security Cameras

Beyond their resilience, these cameras showcase a comprehensive range of features meticulously designed to elevate the standards of outdoor security.

Equipped with advanced technology, including weather-resistant housings, infrared LEDs for night vision, and high-resolution imaging capabilities, our cameras offer unparalleled performance. They boast wide-angle lenses to cover expansive outdoor spaces effectively, ensuring a vigilant watch over your property. 

Motion Sensors 

Motion sensors trigger recording or alerts, while remote viewing capabilities empower users to access live or recorded footage effortlessly.

In addition to their technical prowess, OnGuard Security cameras seamlessly integrate with smart home systems, offering a holistic approach to security. Privacy features, such as privacy zones and scheduling options, guarantee a respectful balance between security and personal space.

User-Friendly Mounting Brackets

Designed for easy DIY installation, our outdoor security cameras come complete with user-friendly mounting brackets and instructions, providing a hassle-free experience for our valued clientele.

As your trusted security ally, OnGuard Security is dedicated to providing Hamilton residents with a robust and sophisticated solution that goes above and beyond traditional security measures. Our outdoor security cameras not only safeguard your property but also redefine the standards of comprehensive outdoor security in the Hamilton area.

Key Features of OnGuard Security Cameras


  • Our Security cameras in Hamilton are built to withstand the region’s diverse weather, ensuring optimal performance, rain or shine.

Night Vision:

  • Equipped with infrared LEDs, our cameras capture crystal-clear footage in low-light or nighttime conditions, ensuring round-the-clock protection.


  • OnGuard’s high-resolution cameras deliver sharp images, facilitating easy identification of individuals and critical details.

Wide-Angle Lens:

  • Our outdoor cameras feature wide-angle lenses, ensuring expansive coverage for monitoring large outdoor spaces effectively.

Motion Detection:

  • Many of our cameras are equipped with advanced motion sensors, triggering recording or alerts upon detecting movement in their field of view.

Remote Viewing:

  • OnGuard’s modern outdoor security cameras offer seamless remote viewing capabilities, allowing users to access live or recorded footage from their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Cloud Storage and Local Storage:

  • Choose between local storage on a network video recorder (NVR) or a microSD card, or opt for cloud storage on our secure online servers.

Integration with Smart Home Systems:

  • Our outdoor security cameras seamlessly integrate with smart home systems, enhancing overall security by collaborating with other devices like alarms, doorbells, and sensors.

Privacy Features:

  • OnGuard’s cameras respect your privacy, featuring privacy zones and scheduling options to disable recording during specific times.

Easy Installation:

  • Designed for easy DIY installation, our outdoor security cameras come with user-friendly mounting brackets and instructions.

Crime Prevention Effectiveness


  • The presence of OnGuard Security cameras in Hamilton acts as a powerful deterrent, dissuading potential burglars and vandals.

Vandalism Prevention:

  • Our cameras discourage acts of vandalism by making perpetrators aware that their actions are being recorded, safeguarding your property, vehicles, and assets.

Evidence Collection:

  • In unfortunate incidents, our outdoor surveillance cameras provide crucial evidence to law enforcement, aiding in suspect identification and incident details.

Alert Systems:

  • With motion sensors and instant notifications, our systems enable immediate action by property owners or our dedicated security personnel.

Crime Analysis:

  • Data collected over time from OnGuard Security cameras contributes to effective crime analysis, allowing us to allocate resources efficiently for better crime prevention.

Community Awareness:

  • Visible OnGuard Security cameras foster community vigilance, encouraging residents to report suspicious activities and enhance overall security.


  • Well-lit areas, combined with our advanced cameras, create an unwelcoming environment for criminals, significantly reducing the risk of criminal activity.

Privacy Concerns:

  • OnGuard Security cameras strike a balance between security and privacy, ensuring they do not intrude into private spaces or public areas.

Where to Place Security Cameras

  • Entry Points:
    • Ensure all entry points, including doors and ground-floor windows, are covered for comprehensive monitoring.
  • Front Door:
    • Our cameras with wide field views effectively monitor the primary entry point, capturing clear images of visitors.
  • Backyard and Side Yards:
    • Prevent unauthorised access and deter vandalism by strategically placing cameras in less visible areas.
  • Garage and Driveway:
    • Protect your vehicles, tools, and valuables by monitoring these critical areas.
  • Windows:
    • Install cameras to monitor ground-level windows, preventing intruders from attempting unauthorised entry.
  • Porch or Patio:
    • OnGuard cameras on porches or patios monitor package deliveries and prevent theft in recreational areas.


At OnGuard Security, our Hamilton-based security cameras are not just devices; they are your first line of defence. As spring and summer bring increased outdoor activities, trust our advanced surveillance solutions to fortify your property. 

Whether your security needs are basic, moderate, or advanced, we’re here to assist in designing a security system that suits you perfectly without breaking the bank. With On Guard, you not only benefit from a comprehensive after-sales support system but also reliable equipment maintenance.

We specialise in tailoring security camera/CCTV solutions for various settings, including residential properties, rural and farm setups, as well as commercial properties in Hamilton and throughout Waikato. We’ll provide the Network Video Recorders (NVRs) needed and the software to run surveillance control and diagnostics.

All our systems come with app connections and remote access options, ensuring you have control of your cameras with just a click. This feature can minimise unnecessary home visits and prevent unexpected charges for guard responses.

With OnGuard, you’re not just investing in security; you’re investing in peace of mind. Talk to our team to secure your Hamilton home with OnGuard Security cameras today.

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